Family, Marriage Immigration Options


De Los Santos & Associates, PC routinely assists Foreign Nationals in U.S. family and marriage based immigration.  We, acting as our client’s attorney direct and help prepare our client’s entire immigration application in order to help ensure the highest probability of success without delay.  We guide and direct our clients throughout the entire process ensuring that our client’s correctly complete all documents and acquire all appropriate evidence.

Both U.S. citizens and permanent residents can apply for certain family members to come live in the United States and may consist of spouses, parents, children and siblings.  Depending on the U.S. status and the family relationship some family members may be able to immediately immigrate to the United States without waiting for a visa number.  

A U.S. citizen or family member must first apply for their relative in the United States and after approved the application will be eventually forwarded to the U.S. National Visa Center for further processing and evidence.  The application will then be forwarded to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for an interview.  Depending on the relationship, the process after the initial application is approved may take from several months to over a year.

As stated above the time for a relative to immigrate depends of the petitioner’s U.S. status as a citizen or permanent resident and the relationship to the relative that they are applying for.  Some programs/applications which fall under this category directly or indirectly include:

B1/2 Visas

K Visa

I-130 Family Applications

Permanent Resident Removal of Conditions

Embassy/Consular Processing

601 or 601(A) Waivers

Violence Against Women

Adjustment of Status

In order to see if their exists the possibility of immigrating De Los Santos & Associates, PC encourages any Foreign National to schedule a consultation in order to find out if any opportunity exists via family relation.