Process Summary


As stated earlier their sometimes exists opportunities to temporarily visit or to permanently immigrate to the United States based on one’s background, family relationships, resources, employment opportunities, education, goals, etc.  Due to the complexity of issues and opportunities we will guide you, your employees or family members in all the necessary steps needed to accomplish your goals.

We will not only fully prepare your application we will guide you in providing not only appropriate but strong evidence which will support your application.  We will help prepare you for your interview and we will communicate with U.S. Immigration officials on your behalf.

We have traveled to Vietnam and other Asian Countries to assist our clients and it is our goal that each of our client’s meet personally with us in order to ensure not only accuracy to but ensure that our client if fully prepared for success throughout the entire process.  

Based on your particular circumstances we will direct you toward to most economical and efficient path in order to reach your goals.  We are here to assist you in reaching your goals in this very important process and we encourage you to schedule a consultation.